Crypto Sports expands global reach with new Turkey Division

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2019/06/26 - 06:59 PM EST
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The main goal of Crypto Sports is to build a World Wide Community, as esports has no borders and through our connections we will all be made stronger. To further this objective, we are expanding our team to include our new Turkish Division Leadership members who have shown not only great drive but truly embody the values that Crypto Sports holds dear.

Doğan S. CSPN - Director of Turkish Communications

Doğan was born in 1985 in Turkey. He graduated from the Accounting Department of the University in 2005 and has his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. Doğan's main role as part of the Crypto Sports Team will be to Manage all Turkish Social Media outlets, including: Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Facebook.
Doğan will also assist in client relations for our Turkish Community. Welcome to the Crypto Sports team: Doğan! Telegram ID - Doğan ŞAHİN

Kasim B. CSPN - Turkish Content Manager

Kasim was born in 1984 in Turkey. In 2008, he graduated from the Agricultural Engineering Department of Adnan Menderes university. He is a personal trainer and well known in the many Turkish and overseas esport markets. Kasim is an excellent addition to our team for his excellent language conversion from English to Turkish and other languages. We are so excited to have Kasim as part of the Crypto Sports Team!

The Crypto Sports team greatly appreciates every member of our community and firmly believe that with Doğan and Kasim leading our Turkish Division we will be able to grow our network even stronger.

We hope to see all our Turkish members on the official Turkish Telegram Channel: and also follow the official Turkish Twitter account:

Special Thanks to Kasim for translating the official CSPN White Paper to Turkish, which everyone can read HERE.

- Your Crypto Sports Team -