Crypto Sports Network Platform Launched Successfully!

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2020/01/11 - 07:31 PM EST
Category: core

The launch of the Crypto Sports Network Platform ( was not only well received by esports gamers, fans and community members but also experienced ZERO technical issues.

We could not be happier at the support and positivity the community has shown us during this launch process and as we continue to reach out to gamers, clans and streamers the Platform will only increase in members which leads to a greater community all striving for the same thing: To make new friends and play more games together.

The Platform already boasts a solid feature set but we have so much more being worked on; here is a quick summary of what we have and what is coming:

✓ Create personalized Gamer & Clan Profiles, link your social channels and present yourself and your team to the public

✓ Connect with other Gamers and Clans and find new friends to play with

✓ Hang out in Public Gaming Chatrooms to find opponents for a match or talk to friends in Private Chat

✓ Play thrilling 1v1 Matches against Gamers from across the Globe

✓ Experience our Dynamic Ladder System and create Ladders for your game, mode, platform and region

✓ Optionally put CSPN Stakes on a Match to heat it up and earn CSPN through playing

✓ Play the newest game titles and still compete in older ones as well

SOON Get your team ready and prove your skills against other Clans in breathtaking Clan Wars

SOON Show the world how 1337 you are and compete against other Gamers and Clans in official CSPN Tournaments to win amazing Prizes

SOON Connect your Streaming Account to increase your fanbase and receive tips in CSPN

SOON Buy cool stuff with your earned CSPN in the official CSPN Online Store

Thank You to everyone who has supported us up to now, we will continue to not only meet expectations but also go beyond!

-Your Crypto Sports Team-