Crypto Sports Release Notes for week of February 17, 2020

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2020/02/18 - 01:43 PM EST
Category: core

Core Development

The development team is currently focusing on features that are being requested by the Marketing team and the Community team. Good progress is being made and will be integral in upcoming marketing campaigns which are discussed in the Marketing update.

Platform Referral System - This is a Core feature that will allow referrers to gain a passive trickle of CSPN for every Match with stakes that their referrals end up winning on the Platform. This should organically grow both the CSPN Community and the amount of Matches that are played on the Platform. [~55% complete]

Clan Wars System - Core feature opens up teams of gamers to play matches (both competitive and casual) against other teams of gamers. This will open up the variety of games that can be played on the Platform as well as increasing Platform Usage. [~30% complete]

Marketing Team

The marketing team has a few campaigns being worked out that center around Organic Growth with an emphasis on “word of mouth”. These campaigns will align with the Platform Referral System and the Clan Wars System and will lay a foundation of active Platform Users that can be utilized for more broad range marketing campaigns coming in the future.

Results for the Facebook Campaigns have been compiled, with the official CSPN Facebook Page receiving a little over 6,000 new Followers and Likes which we think is a good start.

Strategic Business Development

Mason, the CEO of Crypto Sports and head of the Strategic Business Development team is currently in negotiations with potential partners, and while it is too early to give any details, the outcomes of any of the deals would mean a huge impact to the growth and future of the Crypto Sports Platform. We will update everyone on the status of these negotiations as details become publicly available.

New Exchange Listing

Mason has also secured a very big exchange listing for CSPN that will expand the coins visibility and availability to a broad investor audience. We are excited to share this information and are pleased to say we should have an official announcement for this in a couple of days.

Finally: the "Crypto Sports Network, LLC" has officially been registered as a company and will provide a legal foundation for all future partnerships and deals:

Crypto Sports Weekly Review

Progress is being made on all fronts: Core Development, Marketing and Business Development. We have exciting things being worked on for the Platform and Gamers as well as progress being made on the Crypto Investor side. We look forward to another good week of progress and hope all our Community Members will enjoy our next Weekly Update.

- Your Crypto Spots Team -