Crypto Sports: We are back in action!

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2021/01/07 - 11:38 AM EST
Category: core

Happy New Year to all Community Members!

Without a doubt that 2020 has impacted us all. It has brought us closer together as a global community even while forcing us to socially distance, and completely changed the way we operate to overcome the various challenges we all faced in our personal and professional lives. While we still face many of these challenges even today, 2021 brings a bright dawn and hope for us all!

The Crypto Sports Team has been refined - sharper than ever - and is ready to cut through the markets! Clarity and communication with our community has always been one of our main priorities, so for the New Years we want to give you an update on some exciting things that are currently in the making!

While it’s not ready yet, we are looking forward to releasing a fully-fledged roadmap within the upcoming weeks and would like to give you a glimpse of it. Some of the key points on our Immediate Action Board include:

CSPN Currency

Listing CSPN on new exchanges
Creating new trading pairs on existing exchanges
Actively maintaining and improving the CSPN Core Wallet
Building the new CSPN Mobile Wallet for Android and iOS

CSPN Platform

Building the new CSPN Tournament System
Official CSPN Tournaments with official and sponsored prize pools
Partnering with various gaming organizations by utilizing the CSPN Referral System
Adding new game titles to the CSPN Platform
Building a voting section where Users can vote for game titles that will be listed on the CSPN Platform
Creating new content to promote ongoing activity within the CSPN Platform, specifically focusing on the further development of the Experience Points system

CSPN Merchandise

Official CSPN Merchandise Store

This is only a sneak peak of what we are bringing in 2021 and represents the highest priority tasks that we have identified which should have the biggest impact on the CSPN Project. With collaboration and feedback from our amazing community, the Crypto Sports Team is in the best shape we’ve ever been in and excited to move forward into 2021! We are grateful that you all can join us on this journey to create something unique and unforgettable.

Let’s make it happen!

-Your Crypto Sports Team-