CSPN Development Update #8 - Platform Alpha State reached!

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2019/09/05 - 08:29 PM EST
Category: development

Dear Community,

We are excited to tell you that development of the platform has finally reached Alpha status; internal testing has now begun and the results are very satisfying so far.

The Alpha version added tons of new functionality that we do not want to withhold from you:

- Notification System: We have created a notification system which informs the user about various events in real time like incoming friend requests, challenges, match status updates, deposits etc.

- Private Chat: Gamers can private chat with other gamers, but also included is the functionality to block users from sending you chat messages and also the ability to receive messages from friends only.

- Chatrooms: We created public chatrooms for every game that is listed on CSPN where gamers can connect, find matches & clans and just talk about cool stuff. Additionally, chatrooms in matches have a user list as well.

- Point System: The gamer is rewarded with points on various events like winning or losing a match, completing a match without a dispute, showing up at a match etc. The 3 point categories are: experience, karma and penalty.

- Score System: We developed a score system that calculates the CSPN gamer score whenever the gamer is receives points. The CSPN score is made up of the gamers ladders and ratings, experience points, karma points and penalty points. The gamer's score and points are presented in a widget on the gamers profile page.

- Game Detail Pages: Every game that is listed on our platform has its own detail page with information about the game including social links, twitter feed, developer info, screenshots and videos as well as a CSPN statistic summary of how many matches have been played, how many gamers are playing the game on our platform etc. Additionally, open and upcoming matches for the game as well as ladders can be found on that page.

- Ladders by Continent: The ladder system is dynamically categorized by continents. An example: If two gamers from Europe play against each other, a european ladder is created. If two players from different continents play against each other (e.g. Europe and Asia) a global ladder is created. The continent is now also for every gamer to see on each match ticket.

Since this will be the last dev update before the public alpha release, we created full-site screenshots of the whole platform for you to sweeten the waiting time a little. The images are attached in the gallery below.

The final steps before the release will be the completion of our Terms and Conditions, finalizing of the platform rules and game rules as well as adding some more games and FAQs.

The release date will be announced soon.

We are very excited to have you all on board and would like to thank you for your trust and support.

- Your Crypto Sports Team -