CSPN Mobile and Platform Games Division

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2020/07/09 - 07:41 PM EST
Category: development

The CSPN Team is excited to publicly announce the CSPN Mobile and Platform Games Division. This division has been working in the background since the early days of Crypto Sports and is finally at a point where the full vision can be made public.

The goals of the Mobile and Platform Games Division is multi-faceted:

Create Masternode Coin use cases that provide revenue streams based on rewarding Players
Develop Quick and Easy to join skill based games where winner takes all directly on the CSPN Platform
Integrate 3rd Party API’s to automatically resolve Platform Matches to increase ease of use and Platform Adoption

The Mobile and Platform Games Division is proud to announce the first CSPN Mobile Game that is quickly heading for Alpha Testing and will be available to our discord community members:

SellWall Smasher: CSPN

The business model is a next generation revenue model: Paid To Play and uses the concept of incentives to reward players for their time and skill during play. Not only is the game Free to Play, but actual CSPN Rewards will be paid directly to Players CSPN Platform Accounts just by completing short Daily Quests. Revenue Streams are in the form of Ads and by using this model, not only will Masternode Rewards have a positive outlet that does not increase the Sell Pressure but also a portion of the Revenue will need to put towards purchasing more Masternodes to maintain incentive levels.

This model will create a positive feedback loop that strengthens the CSPN Network in multiple ways.

To learn more about the Mobile and Platform Games Division, please read the following documents:
CSPN Games Roadmap
CSPN Mobile Framework

-CSPN Games Division-

First Alpha Demo In-Game Footage - Recorded using Android Play Games