CSPN is now listed on MergeDEX / Birake Network!

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2019/12/18 - 02:26 PM EST
Category: listings

Cryptobridge may be closing but the CSPN project marches forward with the help of the Merge team by getting us a new listing on both MergeDEX and Birake exchanges. This opportunity was originally bought to our attention by Greggy from the Merge team and our Community members launched into action by voting for CSPN on MergeDex with their own Merge coins and this did not go unnoticed by the CSPN Team.

The increased options to use Merge and Birake Masternode rewards to buy CSPN is not only an added benefit to the CSPN economy but a great service to Masternode holders, by giving a variety of use cases for their coins these Dex’s open the doors to many different projects to gain new holders and users while at the same time providing a secondary purpose for their own coin.

These kinds of smart business decisions is another reason CSPN decided to list on the Birake Exchange Platforms, through due diligence we found Birake to be on top of even the new KYC rules being implemented on January 5th, 2020: The 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. This shows that Birake is not only being a legitimate exchange but they are also warning users ahead of time to allow for informed decisions and this is exactly the kind of transparency the CSPN team looks for.

MergeDEX: https://cspn.mergedex.com/

Birake Network: https://trade.birake.com/market/BIRAKE.CSPN_BIRAKE.BTC

As the CSPN Platform release quickly approaches, the CSPN team will continue to be on the lookout for as many legitimate opportunities to increase the availability of how our users can trade CSPN and of course if any of our Community members ever have any requests, comments or suggestions: Please let us know, we are always listening.

—Your Crypto Sports Team—