CSPN Roadmap Update: May 28, 2021

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2021/05/28 - 10:16 AM EST
Category: core

Dear Community,

it is time for another Roadmap Update as we just hit two goals and a change has been made to the order of some other goals.

As we have already announced, some things in the platform have been optimized and added to improve usability. After completing the FAQ section, we finished the revision of the user interface today. Thus, the following point is considered completed:

Improving the UI of the CSPN Platform and adding a FAQ Section

As you may have noticed, there have been an increasing number of posts regarding esports news in our social media in the last few days. We owe this to our new team member Gershom B., who is regularly looking for interesting articles about esports to keep our followers up to date and works out strategies with us to expand our following. This marked the following point as completed:

Boosting CSPN's social media activity

Since we want to implement a Tournament Qualification System where users have to reach certain goals in order to qualify for the participation in a tournament and it uses base functions of the planned Contest System, we decided to build the Contest System prior to the Tournament System. Among other things, this has the advantage that we will be able to start organizing Contests shortly, as the function is nowhere near as complicated as the Tournament Bracket System and will soon be completed and ready for the test phase. As a result, the following points have been moved from Phase III into Phase II of the Roadmap:

Start building the CSPN Contest System (CSPN CS)
Finalizing and Testing the CSPN CS
Releasing the CSPN CS
Running and Marketing first CSPN Contests

Here you can see the log of changes from May 28, 2021: https://github.com/c-sports/roadmap/commit/8df42481333ec94f7f8e918acbecc...

- Your CSPN Team -