CSPN will be delisted from CryptoBridge

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2019/11/16 - 07:53 AM EST
Category: listings

As many might be aware, CryptoBridge has decided to delist more than 150 low volume projects from their exchange. This comes as no surprise since their previous decision of requiring mandatory KYC, without prior notice to their customers, has dropped overall usage of the entire exchange to record lows so they are desperate to try and get operating costs lower and revenue higher.

CSPN has always been in favor of decentralized exchanges but it is clear that CryptoBridge wants to act just like a centralized exchange and hold sole authority on whether projects that already paid their listing fee should be allowed to continue on the exchange, regardless of development progress and developer contact.

The Crypto Sports Team urges all community members to remove any CSPN from CryptoBridge as soon as possible and certainly before November 25th; We don’t endorse CryptoBridge’s decision, nor do we think they are handling the situation that they caused by forcing KYC in a fair manner.

CSPN remains fully listed on both Graviex and Crex24; the project is healthy and we look forward to publicly releasing the Crypto Sports Network Platform and would love to see all members coming together to play a game or two Wink

—Your Crypto Sports Team—