Grow your base, Grow your rewards

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2020/10/09 - 09:45 PM EST
Category: development

The CSPN Team is proud to announce the all new 3 Tier Referral System which will be the foundation for our Platform Marketing Strategy. The Referral System will provide long lasting passive rewards for Gamers in a downstream manner, so the gamer you refer today might increase your base by 10 more gamers tomorrow. Anytime those gamers play a CSPN wager match, the Upstream Referrers will get a percentage, and that percentage does not come from the Gamer’s winnings: instead it will come from the CSPN Platform Commission Fee.

The way it breaks down is very simple:

- Gamers setup and play a match for 100 CSPN
- Winner takes 90 CSPN
- 10% Platform Fee is 10 CSPN
- Winner is a 1st level Referral

Level 1 (Referred the Winner) -> 10% * Fee (1 CSPN)
Level 2 (Referred Level 1) -> 5% * Fee (0.5 CSPN)
Level 3 (Referred Level 2) -> 2.5% * Fee (0.25 CSPN)

This can very quickly add up if a Gamer expands their base wide with very active competitive gamers, and since all rewards are coming off the top of the CSPN Platform Commission, no-one has to worry about having their Hard Won Winnings decreasing for being a referral.

The 3 Tier Referral System was critical to be in place before any kind of mass marketing can take place, since we want all Gamers to get their bases setup so they do not miss out on any passive rewards that their referrals could be winning for them.

The Referral itself is also easy to use: Right on the My CSPN page in the Platform, there is a Referral Tab with a Referral Link for you, just give it out to your fellow gamers and when they sign up using the link, the Referral is created. On that same page there is also a full breakdown of all your Referrals and the Levels along with a running total of CSPN generated from those Referrals.

We hope everyone enjoys the new Referral System on

—Your CSPN Team—