New Crypto Sports Network Wallet is Ready for Release!

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2020/12/26 - 08:48 AM EST
Category: wallet

Dear Community,

We are excited to announce the newest Crypto Sports Network Wallet is now available for both Desktop and Masternodes and addresses some of the performance issues that have been lingering since the new chain was introduced.

Version 2.0.3 Highlights:

- Rewrote governance syncing so that locks are not held
- On Wallet Shutdown, all data is flushed to disk before exit
- Syncing objects is only done when the blockchain is at a recent state
- Initial Block Syncing is now improved by requesting large amount of blocks which reduces the amount of requests needed
- New Checkpoints have now been added to the blockchain

Caveats and Notes:

If the wallet does not start syncing on startup, please wait at least 5 minutes as there is a new automatic repair for unsynced wallets that is attempted on startup now.

The new Checkpoints will make sure that only valid, non-forked blockchains are on the network by providing known good block hashes at certain points in the blockchain. This will mean that some wallets will need to be synced from scratch using the “Wallet Repair -> Resync” option. If you find that the new version can not sync after 5 minutes, then we recommend to resync the wallet.

Masternode Install Script:

Simply run the "upgrade"-command on each node to get to the latest version (e.g. cspn-mn0 upgrade)

Exchange Updates:

- Graviex is already updated to the latest v2.0.3
- Crex24 is being notified and we are working directly with them to get them updated

We recommend everyone to update their wallet to the latest version.

Please find the new Wallet Downloads here:

The CSPN Team wishes all members a safe, happy and wondrous Holiday Season and look forward to bringing even greater things to 2021! Thank you for your patience.

—Your CSPN Team—