Official Announcement 2020-10-02

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2020/10/02 - 09:18 AM EST
Category: core

Dear community,

As you may have noticed recently, it has been rather quiet on our part; behind the scenes though, we have not been idle and have been continuing our work to make something beautiful out of Crypto Sports. At the moment there are several internal developments that we wish to share with you all.

Team change:
After reviewing the long term goals and pool of skills available in the CORE team, it was mutually decided to reorganize the members and this included the release of some from the CORE team. This will enable us to focus on a specific set of release items and realign our resources on what is important. We appreciate and value our departing team members but are glad they will continue to be part of the CSPN community.

Mobile Games:
The framework for the paid2play games is currently being finalized. It is very important that this framework is properly secured at tier-2 level. The Framework will be the foundation for all future CSPN paid2play games, even from outside developers so it imperative that everything is working before a release.

Business Plan:
CSPN is a full fledged company and we have a clear set of Business Goals for each of our departments, ranging from Development all the way to Marketing. With the realignment taking place, we also have a new reporting structure to get updated information internally from each area so we can constantly keep up to date on progress. This new streamlined approach will result in better and faster updates to the community.

The important part is keeping the list updated and that is really the highest priority for the CORE team this time: Keeping the Community Updated.

If there are any questions, comments or suggestions: Please let us know, we are happy to answer you.

--Your Crypto Sports team--